2022-09-Research Methods in Social Science

Research Methods in Social Science is an entry-level research method course for subjects in social sciences, such as management and economics. It is a compulsory course for the major of Information Management and Information Systems (Sino-foreign cooperation) offered by Aberdeen Institute of Date Science and Artificial Intelligence, South China Normal University. The course aims to provide students with a systematic introduction to theories and research methods used in social science research.


Enseignant: 陆柳杏

管理信息系统 (Management Information Systems)

This course introduces students to the concept of Information Systems in organizations, and how Information Systems can assist managers in coordinating organizational activities, communicating with internal and external parties and making decisions. Particular emphasis is placed on students developing an appreciation of how new types of information system will be likely to influence and change international business practices.

Enseignant: 邓伟伟