iEnglish (基础英语1)2021Fall

Basic English is a core compulsory course for non-English major undergraduates of SCNU as an important part of their general education.  In this  course, the textbook of iEnglish is selected as the principle teaching resources. iEnglish enables learners to encounter, or meet the kinds of  texts in humanistic and sociological subjects, native language and challenging tasks . Besides, the major task of this course is to cultivate students’ comprehensive ability of reading, writing ,listening and speaking general English in life,  as well as their ability of cross-cultural communication between Chinese and foreign cultures, so as to meet the students’ basic needs of college study, international communication, and future work and employment, and enhance their autonomous learning ability and cultural literacy.

Teacher: 李佩华


随着经济全球化和企业国际化的趋势日益增强, 社会对具有较高的英语水平和丰富的商务知识的国际商务人才的需求日益攀升。“国际商务” (双语) 课程的开设既可以帮助一部分英语基础较好,渴望提升商务专业知识的学生,又可以帮助已经具备商务专业知识,渴望提升英语水平的学生。 通过本课程的学习, 学生可以备考剑桥商务英语等级考试, 提高职场竞争力,也可以参加全国商务英语技能大赛, 提高商务英语应用能力和跨文化交际能力。




Teacher: 江丽琴

雅思写作 IELTS Writing

IELTS Writing consists of two tasks, Task 1 to describe, compare and report data in line graphs, pie charts,  tables, bar charts, maps and diagrams, and Task 2 to argue, discuss or solve problems. This online training course aims to train students in analysing and reporting data in various graphics as well as demonstrating their critical thinking skills and organising techniques in compositions.