Introduction To Sociology(社会学导论)

This is an introductory level course of sociology in contemporary American society. This course is designed to help students embark on a fascinating journey that allows them to see how society penetrates their thinking, affects their innermost being, and influences their lives. It helps students enter a new world of perception and understanding. It is an exploration of worlds and ideas far from our own and a quest to understand our own world and ideas. The course covers knowledge in five broad areas. It starts with the sociological perspectives and has an overview of culture, socialization, and research, followed by exploring how social groups influence our lives by examining the impact of social structure and social interaction. It then investigates social inequality at both global levels and within the United States. It also examines social institutions such as family and religion to understand life in society. And finally it discusses the social change, technology, and environment by focusing its attention on the impact of population and urbanization.