Research Methods in Social Science

Research Methods in Social Science is an entry-level research method course for social science such as politics, administration, economics, management, sociology, law, and education. It aims to make students understand the principles, logical strategies and scientific procedures of social science research as well as master and apply various methods and techniques of data collection, analysis and evaluation of social research by making a comprehensive and systematic introduction of the theory and methods of social science research, from the three levels of methodology and basic theory, specific research methods, research techniques, to two aspects of qualitative research and quantitative research, and on the basis of the combination of theory and practice. At the same time, it helps students understand the scientific thinking of social investigation and research, master the basic methods of social investigation and research, cultivate students' practical ability to understand, analyze and solve social problems by scientific methods, so as to lay the foundation for writing graduation (design) papers.

Teacher: 庄慧娟