Topic outline

  • Learning Instruction(0.5 period)









    • Key Words
    1. Communication

    2. Business Context
    3. Effective
    • Course Objectives
    1. Listen, read and comprehend
    2. Paraphrase and summarize information
    3. Distinguish between facts, assumptions, and opinions
    4. Respond appropriately in a clear and concise fashion (oral and written)
    5. Synthesize information from different sources
    6. Organize information to support conclusions
    7. Use an appropriate format and business writing style and apply conventions to Standard English
    •  Main Parts
    1. Communication framework and theories
    2. The practice of Business of Communication
    3. Business Communication culture and etiquette
    • Learning skils requirements
    1. Role play
    2. Group work
    3. Self -directed learning
    4. Presentation
    5. Active listenig
  • Unit 1:Get to know Business Communication(1.5 period)


  • Unit 3 Establishing a Framework for Business Communication(4 periods)



    The first part will mentions:

    1.Commnunication Definition

    2.The Communication Process

    3.The Commnunication Levels

  • Unit 4 The Information flow in Organizations (2 periods)

  • Unit 5 Understanding the partner needs and nonverbal messages(4 periods)


  • Unit 6 Active Listening and Group Communication(4 periods)

    Qs before learning:

    During communication, what do we listen to?

  • Unit 7 Communicating Electronically(4 period)

    The typical electronical communication style

    e-mail,instant message,web page, cell phone, on-line meeting etc.

    Part One:E-mail Communication

  • Unit 8 Delivering Good , Neutral and Bad news Messages(4 periods)

    Part one:Good-news messages & Neutral message Delivery

  • Unit 9 Effective Persuasion(2 periods)

    Questions about persuasion