group 4


Here are five bad habits that our group discussed.

1. The sender is self-centered, making the message too subjective and influence the other person's point of view. (encode message)

2. Repetitive and tedious expressions make people impatient. (encode message)

3. Beating around the bush and not being honest(encode message)

4. Interrupt others, disturbing others before they have finished will lead to some information can not be accepted successfully. (transmit)

5. Pretend to know when one does not know.(decodes massage)

Ways to remove obstacles

1. Transpositonal consideration is the foundation of communication. When the speaker is considered to be too subjective, he should learn to change his attitude and consider problems from both sides. Actively express his own views while listening to each other's views.

2. This is a common communication barrier during message encoding. The solution is to learn how to use words accurately to convey key information, and to remember to add a summary at the end of each paragraph. What's more,  it is necessary to practice communication more often.

3. Lay the groundwork properly and show sincerity.Understand the purpose of communication and learn to cooperate.

4. Learn to respect others and express your opinion after others have finished their speaking.

5. Make sure that you correctly receive and understand what the communicator wants to express and give feedback in a timely manner.