Topic Name Description
File Key Words
File Learning Objectives
Unit 1:Get to know Business Communication(1.5 period) File The Introduction Vedio about BC
File The first glance of business communication
Unit 2 The First Tipical Business Communication--Job Interview(2 period) File Job Interview
File Job Interview
File The toughest job Interview

The world toughest job!

File job interview example and suggestions
File job interview explaination
File job interview analysis
Unit 3 Establishing a Framework for Business Communication(4 periods) File purpose of communication
File Purposes of Communication
File communication process modle
File Davis' communication process
Unit 4 The Information flow in Organizations (2 periods) File Video-Formal and Informal Communication
File formal and informal communication
File The Information Flow
File Horizontal communication
Unit 5 Understanding the partner needs and nonverbal messages(4 periods) File The Maslow Needs Modle
File ads-1
File ads-2
File ads-3
File ads-4
File The Johari Window
File The End Goal of Johari Window and some Tips
File nonverbal-communication
URL Analyze the Nonverbal Communication
File 非语言沟通之——表情篇
Unit 6 Active Listening and Group Communication(4 periods) File Active listening test
File Vedio-Active Listening vs distraction
File five tips
File Listening Techniques
File Practice the active listening at the low level of anxious
File Model 3
File Group Communication
File Self-directed learning-team work
Unit 7 Communicating Electronically(4 period) File How to write an effective email
File Announcement for International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education
File How to send your email
File Case-study-EMC
URL webpage-1
URL webpage-2
URL webpage-3
URL webpage-4
File communication by phone
Unit 8 Delivering Good , Neutral and Bad news Messages(4 periods) File Good news and Neutral News Delivery
File Good example of a routine claim
File Bad news delivery
File Examples of Bad News Delivery
File How to Deliver Bad and Good News to your Employees?
Unit 9 Effective Persuasion(2 periods) File persuasion
Unit 10: Business Presentation(2 periods) File business presentation
File case-2
File case-3
File case-4
File case-1
File vedio-1
File vedio-2
File Final test