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Unit 2 The First Tipical Business Communication--Job Interview(2 period) Alibaba advertisement seller interview

Suppose that you have graduated from SCNU now, then you will attend an interview for getting the advertisement seller post of the Alibaba.Using no more than 100 words to introduct yourself to the interviewer.The introduction should be specific and contains the most attracting or excellent part of...

Unit 6 Active Listening and Group Communication(4 periods) Self-directed Learning

Please anwer the following questions based on the materials that I gave you:

a.Give the definition of "Group" in your own words.

b.Discribe the detailed characterictics of the groups.

C.How to make the group members get into a positive participation during the group communication?

The teamwork's advantage and disadvantage

Showing your opinions about this topic, and writtening as least 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages.

Unit 7 Communicating Electronically(4 period) Invitation Letter

Please write and invitatoin letter accroding to the requirement that I gave you above.

Reply email
Reply to the Loke Soon Choo approprately.
IM discussion

Q1:What are the common style of IM in recent time?

Q2: When IM  is an appropriate form of communication to use?

Unit 8 Delivering Good , Neutral and Bad news Messages(4 periods) Good news delivery
Please write a letter to one of your customer "Amy Sun" to tell her that she got the First Prize of the "Customer Product Show" .As the result, she won six-day free travel of Dubai, also she got the one year 20% off privilege of all the company products.
Refusal to an employee's request

One of your employee who has been working in the company fleet of trucks about 15 years. He sent you an email to request to install CD players on the truck to comfort the boring highway driving. But accroding to the high cost of over $500 per truck to install this instrument, you will refuse his ...