group 3

gourd 3

After our discussion, we summarized the following bad habits in communication.

1. Deny others without giving effective suggestions.

2. Speak to others without preparation and logic. / Have no key points.

3. Do your own things when communicating. / Interrupt speaker.

4. Not sends information in time.

5. Be self-centered and not a good listener.

6. Exaggerate the event.

7. Leans on a bias while communication, leading to distortion of information.

8. Speak too fast/loudly/softly.

9. Choose the wrong channel.


And we also found which process bad habits influence.

Bad habits influence encoding of message. While bad habit affect transmitting of message and bad habit 5 influences decoding of message.

We also give our suggestions in the following.

1. Provide evidence/reason when denying others.  It's bad to deny others without any reason, and it can often cause quarrels, so we need to give sufficient and logical reasons.

2. Speak after thinking. The evil comes out of the mouth, and the words that are spoken without thought are often not convincing.

3. Pay attention to the speaker. Not paying attention to the conversation will ignore some important details and give the speaker a bad experience. Listening carefully is the most basic courtesy as a listener.

4. Send information timely. Time is precious, and it is important to deliver information in a timely manner, otherwise you may miss the best time for information transmission

5. Don’t be self-centered, listen to others and exchange opinions. Listening to the opinions of others can discover your weaknesses in time

6. Describe things objectively and express opinion neutrality.

7. Speak at a proper speed and volume. Improper speaking speed and volume can lead to reception integrity.

8. Choose a suitable channel. For some important events, it’s better to choose written communication rather than very long WeChat Voice message.