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The Problem of Communicator

1.Cut in when others are speaking

2.No response to others' speeches.

3.Information is distorted after being transmitted by many people

4.Lack of concentration

5.The information  is incomplete and not clear  

6.Self-centeredness in conversation


1,3 and 6 are in the process of senders' "select channel and transmits message"

2 and 4 are in the process of receivers'  "decodes message"

5 are in the process of sender's "encodes message"


1. To solve the problem of "Cut in when others are speaking" ,everyone should learn to listen when communicating.The receivers should decodes message faster and encodes message faster and then faster select channel and transmits message to senders faster.

2.To solve the problem of "No response to others' speeches.", we should know that the meaning of communication lies in the other party's response. The senders should create a quality environment for information transmission and let other party see the  enthusiasm for communication.

3.To solve the problem of "Information is distorted after being transmitted by many people", the senders should try to reduce the interference in the process of information transmission, and try to transmiss the information directly. Keep the information simple and concise

4.To solve the problem of "Lack of concentration", the receivers should reduce the interference when senders are transmitting information ,try to remember and write down the details and keynotes of the information.

5.To solve the problem of "The information  is incomplete and not clear  ", the speakers should keep the brain clear and encodes message briefly,make sure the diction is accuracy and then make the massage easy to understand.

6.To solve the problem of "self-centered problem" , one should listen carefully to the other's talk and avoid self-centered topics. Everyone involved in the discussion should respect others' speech.