group 5

group 5

Bad habits:

1. Make assumptions about what others think

2. Don't listen, and like to interrupt when others are talking

3. In the process of communication, they directly deny the opinions they disagree with or even speak angrily to each other, which makes the communication not smooth and pleasant

4. Having too much subjective feeling and bias towards certain information or communication objects

5. Inaccurate meaning expression is easy to lead to misunderstanding


1. Listen to others without prejudice; Secondly, after the end of normal communication, we can have in-depth communication with others in private to understand their real personality and thoughts, so as to avoid misunderstanding and misunderstanding of others caused by stereotypes and first impressions, thus reducing the efficiency of communication.

2. Learn to put yourself in the other person's shoes. Learn to change your perspective. Pay attention and listen while the other person is giving his or her opinion. After the other person has finished speaking, you can give appropriate feedback. You can also give your opinion.

3. We should change our attitude in the communication process. Communication is a process of learning from each other, achieving each other and reaching the best conclusion together, instead of relying on the momentum of overwhelming the other side and changing the other side's views to suit our own views. In communication if the content of the speech for others don't agree with, want to point out that face to face also want to on the premise of respect for others and part as well as the reason, you just say what you don't agree with with each other about a good result, rather than the denial, perhaps each other's point of view is correct, or has its reasonable option, or other improper words cause misunderstanding, so only on the premise of respect to communicate with others, will not hinder the communication smoothly.

4. Do not evaluate things or communicate with people based on their own subjective impression before understanding the whole picture of events or characters; Secondly, we can communicate with others in private to understand each other's ideas. After a thorough understanding, communicate with others from an objective perspective and keep calm and rational.

5. Learn more communication skills, read more relevant books and videos, and summarize the shortcomings of my language expression in the communication process. Practice frequently in view of the shortcomings, conduct simulated conversations with the talking object, and strive to convey my thoughts and feelings in a concise and comprehensive manner.