Learning tasks and strategy

  This unit is first part of descriptive statistics. It mainly introduces the various way to organize and present numerical data and categorical data. Please notice that different types of data require different ways to organize and present data. So identifying different types of data is the basis for this unit.

When you are learning this unit, you should master the ways or procedures (skills ) to organize and present data. Then you can choose appropriate ways to describe the features of a set of data. It needs a lot of practice.

You are required to do the following tasks:

  1. Watching video lectures Organize data -Frequency Distribution Table  and make notes of important points.
  2. Practice making a frequency distribution table with a set of data by using Excel after see the demonstration video Frequency Distribution Table in Excel
  3. Read all the contents of chapter two and underline the key points and highlight the difficult points.
  4. In classroom teaching, I will demonstrate the other ways of how to organize and present data and we will do some exercises.


  1. Participate in group discussion and read these questions, and then click “reply” to write your answer, or opinion about these questions. At the same time, please read peers’ words and give positive comments or suggestions.
  2. Do the self-assessment within 15minutes to check your learning and understanding of this unit.
  3. Do this unit exercise and write down your questions 
  4. Applying what you have learned in Practice is very important. Please work in group and do this practice and present your design and result in the forum.



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