Key Concepts

Four  key concepts are discussed in this unit:

1.Population (总体) is a collection of all possible individuals, objects, or measurements of interest.

  • All the students studying business statistics
  • All the registered voters in the city
  • All the trees on the campus

2. Sample (样本)is a portion, or part, of the population of interest.

  • The students who got A in business statistics test
  • Women voters registered in the city (parts of all the people…)
  • Yong trees on the campus (parts of all the trees … )

3. Parameter (参数): A summary measure of a population is a  parameter

  • A statistic computed on everyone in the population is called a population parameter.
  • A property of a population. Greek letter (µ) or capital letter (P, N)

4.Statistic(统计值) – an observable property of a sample.

  • Any number calculated from sample data, describes a sample characteristic.
  • A statistic computed on everyone in a sample is called a sample statistic
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