Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

by 周伟鑫 20173602056 -
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Dear President Jiang:

I’m writing to invite you to attend the " International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education" and give a 20 minutes presentation on the topic "Sino-Foreign Joint Education" during the forum.

International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education will be held by International Business College of South China Normal University for pushing forward Sino-foreign joint education and research in it, and enhancing cooperation and exchange among experts and institutions.

Here are some detailed information about the forum:


April 2122, 2016


International Business College, South China Normal University

Forum Themes

1. Sino-foreign joint education and student development internationalization

2. Sino-foreign joint education and curriculum internationalization

3. Sino-foreign joint education and foreign language teaching

More useful information relevant to the forum are enclosed at the end. I would appreciate it if you accept my invitation. I’m looking forward to you reply.


Respectfully yours,

Dean office of SCNU


Encl. : Announcement for International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education