Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

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Dear Mr.Jiang Bo,

Subject: International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education in International Business College, SCNU on April 21-22, 2016

As is known to all, in the past two decades, international joint education programs have been advancing and prospering in China. Therefore, International Business College of SCNU plans to launch an International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education to push forward Sino-foreign joint education with experts and scholars.

Meanwhile our college has learned that President Jiang has an in-depth study and unique views on international joint education. Therefore we sincerely invite President Jiang to participate in the forum and give a 20 minutes presentation on the topic "Sino-Foreign Joint Education" .

Some information is as follow, we hope to help you understand the forum.

Time: April 21-22, 2016

Venue: International Business College, South China Normal University

Forum themes: 

1.Sino-foreign joint education and student development internationalization

2.Sino-foreign joint education and curriculum internationalization

3.Sino-foreign joint education and foreign language teaching

If you want to get more information or have any questions, please call 020-1234567 or email

We would be greatly honored by your presence and your wonderful speech.


the dean office of SCNU 

Zhang Liming