Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

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Dear Mr. Jiang:


Subject: An invitation to the “International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education”

It’s our great honor to inform you that the “International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education” will be held in International Business College, SCNU from April 21 to 22. And we sincerely invite you to attend the forum and share your opinion and experience by a twenty-minute presentation.

The goal of the forum is to pushing forward Sino-foreign joint education and research in it, and enhancing cooperation and exchange among experts and institutions. Experts and scholars from China and abroad will be invited and contribute their in-depth thoughts.


Some key information is as follows:

Sponsor: International Business College, South China Normal University

Co-Sponsor: China Education's Future CEFGroup

Forum Themes:

Theme 1: Sino-foreign joint education and student development internationalization

Theme 2: Sino-foreign joint education and curriculum internationalization

Theme 3: Sino-foreign joint education and foreign language teaching


The announcement including the conference agenda are enclosed.


We will feel so privileged if we can have you there with us. Please let us know before April 18 if you could attend, so we can make further arrangements for you.


Truly yours

Autumn Wu

The dean’s office of International Business College, SCNU


Encl.: Announcement for International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education