Invitation Letter

invitatoin letter

invitatoin letter

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April 18, 2020

Dear Dr. Jiang:

Subject: Invitation of International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education

We sincerely invite you to join in the International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education,which is held from April 21 to 22,2016, in International Business College, South China Normal University. In the meeting, the status quo and future development of Sino-foreign joint education will be discussed. And you will meet many education experts from China and abroad, having opportunity to exchange experience and in-depth thought to educational internationalization. We are sure it will benefit you a lot. 

The agenda of the meeting is attached. We do hope for your participant. Please reply us before the end of April 19,2016, informing us whether you will be available or not for the meeting.



Dean of International Business School

Enc:Announcement for International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education