Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

by 温翠霞 20173708056 -
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Subject lineAn invitation of the International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education on April 21 22, 2016.


Dear Professor Jiang


We sincerely invite you to attend the “International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education”, to be held in April 21 – 22, 2016, and give a 20 minutes presentation on the topic of "Sino-Foreign Joint Education" during the forum.


Aiming at enhancing cooperation and exchange among experts and institutions, International Business College of South China Normal University plans to launch an International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education. The whole forum will be divided into three themes, as following:


Theme One: Sino-foreign joint education and student development internationalization

Theme Two: Sino-foreign joint education and curriculum internationalization

Theme Three: Sino-foreign joint education and foreign language teaching


We sincerely hope that you can participate in this activity.


Best wishes !


Dean office of SCNU


Encl: Announcement for International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education