Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

by 黎旖旎 20173602059 -
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Dear Mr. Jiang Bo,

Subject: invitation of attending SCNU’s "International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education" on April 21th-22th.

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend our International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education, which is going to be held from April 21th to 22th. We will be very grateful if you could give a 20 minutes presentation on the topic "Sino-Foreign Joint Education" during the forum.


With the economic globalization and educational internationalization, the cooperation of educational institutions must be more strengthened to train students to be globally-minded professionals. This is the reason why we plan to launch the International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education.


Here are some key information about this forum:

Time: April 21 – 22, 2016  

Venue: International Business College, South China Normal University


1) Sino-foreign joint education and student development internationalization.

2) Sino-foreign joint education and curriculum internationalization.

3) Sino-foreign joint education and foreign language teaching.


Under your management, Tong Ji University does well in international education. So we believe that we will learn a lot if you can come and give us a speech.Please let us know if you can attend before April 10th. Looking forward to your reply.



Dean office of International Business College, SCNU


Encl: Announcement for International Forum on Sino-Foreign Joint Education