Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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1.       What should we describe the "Team work"?

A team consists of two or more people, who have specific roles, perform interdependent tasks, are adaptable, and share a common goal.

2.       What are the reasons that team work showing effective?

a.         Effective two-way communication between team members.

b.         Positive coordination between teams.

c.         The team has a clear goal and all members work hard for it.

d.         Healthy competition.

e.         There is a plan to reward and recognize the team and its members, which helps the team to perform well and achieve its goals.

3.       What is the core element making the member of team work goes well?

I think the core elements of the team are team communication and team goals. Whether the team members communicate effectively, whether the information is conveyed accurately, and whether the team members are advancing according to the same goal will all affect the team.

4.       How to improve the group communication during the team work?

a.         There is a clear purpose of communication, to ensure that the communication content is related to the goal.

b.         Pay attention to two-way communication.

c.         Allow opposition in communication.

d.         Pay attention to the timeliness of communication and the accuracy of the news.

e.         Pay attention to the clarity of communication to avoid misunderstanding.