Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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a.Give the definition of "Group" in your own words. 

Group: a collection of individuals who have the same purpose, influence one another, help each other, and depend on each other get together and take on their own rules.

b.Discribe the detailed characterictics of the groups.

Interdependence, Common Goal, Group Personality, Commitment, Cohesiveness, Group Conflict, Social Facilitation, Gender Differences, Group Size, Norms

C.How to make the group members get into a positive participation during the group communication?

a)         Relevance: Members’ comments should pertain to the topic and goals of the discussion at hand and should deviate only when tension needs to be released.

b)         Relatedness: The goal of relatedness is to make sure that contributions tie in with what has been said before and what is apt to be said next.

c)         Timeliness: To give more impact to a good idea you should, introduce it at a favorable time so that it gets the group’s full attention and consideration.

d)         Sufficient Length: Choosing the best length for a comment requires good judgment. The goal is to make sure that the comment you contribute is long enough to make your point.