Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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a:A group is a collection of three or more members who get together to accomplish a common goal or activity.

b: the characterictics of the groups:

1.       Interdependence. The mutual dependence of group members on one another.

2.       Common goal.  As a driving force, common goal lead members work together.

3.       Group personality. People gather to form the group personality.

4.       Commitment. Members desire to complete tasks and gain satisfaction through it.

5.       Cohesiveness. Cohesiveness is a attraction to stick members.

6.       Group Conflict. Conflict can be productive and can result in better decisions and solutions to problems.

7.       Social Facilitation. Members would be inference by other members in the groups.

8.       Gender Differences.

9.       Group Size. We can divide groups into small groups and large groups by size, meanwhile, size is proportional to interactions.

10.   Norms. Norms help give a group structure.


c: Group members get into a positive participation during the group communication should be group–centered:

1.       Relevance

2.       Relatedness

3.       Timeliness

4.       Sufficient Length

5.       Clarity

6.       Informativeness

7.       Openness to evaluation

8.       Provocativeness