Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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a.A group consists of two or more individuals who interact and influence each other.

b.First of all, members have common group goals and interests. Any group must have group goals.

Secondly, all members have group consciousness. Each member of the group realizes that he is a member of the group, realizes the existence of other members, and interacts with them to establish an interdependent relationship and emotion.

Thirdly, the members can cooperate closely: that is, there should be a group division of labor and a certain organizational structure within the group.

Finally, the group should meet the needs of members' sense of belonging. This is a kind of emotion that an individual consciously belongs to his or her own group, with psychological dependence and common sense.

c.1. Clarify the purpose of group meeting

2. Time limit of establishment meeting

3. Get the right people to attend the meeting

4. Listen to others

5. Properly relieve tension