Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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a. a number of people that considered as a unit.

b. characteristics of groups:

Interdependence: the members should depending on each other.

Common Goal: all members are working for the same goal.

Group Personality: the personalities of members were collected to be the group personality. On the other hand, group personality can inference members’ personalities.

Commitment: a willingness to give your time and energy to the group.

Cohesiveness: an extension of commitment, is the attraction that group members feel for each other and their willingness to stick together.

Group Conflict: a moderate conflict can push members to be more productive and creative.

Social Facilitation: the tendency for a person to release energy that would not be released if the individual were acting alone

Gender Differences: a group should consisting of both men and women with an appropriate proportion

Group Size: the number of members

Norms: the rule for members should obey during their work and conduct.

c. during the communication, members’ comments should be clarify, pertain to the topic and goals of the discussion at hand. And the time should be limited.