Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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A.     Give the definition of "Group" in your own words.

A group is a group of 2-3 or more individuals gathered and organized for the same project or work goal.


B.     Describe the detailed characteristics of the groups.

Ø  Rely on each other,

Ø  A common goal,

Ø  Organization personality,

Ø  Cohesion,

Ø  Conflict,

Ø  Contribute to society,

Ø  Gender differences,

Ø  Group size ,

Ø  Group norms


C. How to make the group members get into a positive participation during the group communication?

Ø  Relevance:

Ø  Relatedness

Ø  Timeliness

Ø  Sufficient Length

Ø  Clarity

Ø  Informativeness

Ø  Openness to evaluation

Ø  Provocativeness