Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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a.Give the definition of "Group" in your own words.

Group is two or more people bound together as a single unit and do something successfully that only one person couldn’t do.


b.Discribe the detailed characterictics of the groups.


There are at least two persons. The number of persons in Small groups is 3 to 25. And groups larger than twenty-five are called large groups.



The people in group can communicate with each other more and they can share their feelings or information.


We can try to find emotional support from our group members and even release our pressure through talking with them.


Everyone in the group has different mind, if we change with each other


In the group, we can discuss a problem and get different solutions. What’s more, we can share the things we learn and make up for our knowledge loopholes.


We can rely on our team members and work something together.

4.Common goal

We have one goal and same goal. We try our best to achieve it.


Members’ commitment to their group stems from their interpersonal attraction.


C.How to make the group members get into a positive participation during the group communication?


What the group members talk should relate to the topic.


The head of the group should set the timelines to ensure that the group communication is effective.


The goal of the group communication should be clear to every group member.


Make sure that statement are accurate and objective.

5.Openness to evaluation

We should make an open discussion environment so that share their ideas whatever they want.


Asking more questions can bring different results.