Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

Self-directed Learning

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1. Give the definition of "Group" in your own words.

  A group is a collection of three or more than three, working on a task in some common activity. Also the groups are classified by different size, purpose and primary or secondary nature. The people in the group influence each other.

2. Discribe the detailed characterictics of the groups

  Interdependence, common goal, group personality, commitment, cohesiveness, group conflict, social  facilitation, gender differences, group size and norms.

3.How to make the group members get into a positive participation during the group communication?

  Before opening the group communication, we should clearly know the goal of the discussion. What's more, we need a warm and active atmosphere. Also, we can make some comments on the ideas that other people put forward, but remember not to criticise the ideas and the persn.