Alibaba advertisement seller interview

Alibaba advertisement seller interview

Alibaba advertisement seller interview

20173602019 方淑萍發表於
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  Hi,  I am Candice,  graduated from South China Normal University, want to apply to apply advertisement seller. 

  I had some experience about advertisement. For example, I contacted existing and new customers for advertising in a weekly community newspaper, which make the company tripled revenues in two years. 

  What's more,  I also assisted customer in designing and placing their ads, and the customers appreciated me very much, and since then,  I made some very good friends with them. We sometimes contact with each other.

  I  am sure that I can do well in this job, and do hope to join the Alibaba.

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20173708040 詹明霞發表於
You do a great job, you introduce some of your own relevant experience to conduct the interview, which can make the interviewer feel good.
But you need to carefully check the release text, there is a partial repetition.