Alibaba advertisement seller interview

Self-introduction for the interview

Self-introduction for the interview

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Hello, my name is Yangmeiyu. I graduated from South China Normal University two years ago, majoring in financial management. Once worked as an intern in newspaper office and portal website. Due to the requirement of self comprehensive ability, I worked in an advertising company a year ago. During the period, I was responsible for the WeChat official account, including article promotion, fan growth, offline activities and background operation. I analyzed and targeted the target customers through data analysis, and put forward and wrote the plan, and finally landed and executed one hundred thousand new users. Alibaba is a well-known company in the world. Recently, I saw your advertisement salesperson on the Internet, so I wanted to give myself a chance.

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I think this self-introduction is very concrete, which makes it persuasive. For example, the description of the job duties, especially the fact ‘landed and executed one hundred thousand new users’, is a strong proof of her competency.